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Drainage and Utilities

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Show the Link Size within the Link Summary Tab

The window that pops up after a hydraulic model run for design or analysis includes a "Calculation Detailed Summary". The Link Summary tab does not currently show the designed link size. Showing the link size in the Link Summary tab will allow the...

Update Extract from Graphic Order of Settings

In the Extract from Graphic tool, the conduit feature definition needs to be set prior to the node feature definition to pull the appropriate corresponding nodes from the workspace. Could the conduit feature definition settings be listed above the...

Automate Node labelling in Cross Section drawings

We need to be able to label nodes in cross sections drawings automatically. At the moment, this can only be done one node at a time, unlike conduits, which can be labeled automatically.
almost 2 years ago in Drainage and Utilities / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Planned

Allow different levels for different conduit sizes in the same catalogue.

For Conduits, on our 2D plans, we show a different linestyle for each size of pipe. In InRoads, we would enable centerline display using these different linestyles. This linestyle is a wide dashed line with solid edge lines. We cannot replicate th...

DU Analytic Symbology Improvement

When i call a Feature Definition in a text favorite or in my element symbology (Analytic Symbology), it allways comes with it's path. It's usually a long path and it just mess my view display with too much info. The ability to just show the name w...

Oklahoma Time of Concentration Formula

Currently ORD does not have an option to calculate Time of Concentration for the channel flow that the state of Oklahoma uses. This eliminates the option to use the programmed Tc calculator for channel flow. I need an option to put in my own formu...

Catchment Areas by shape

If I could select all shapes and have it create all catchments at once that would save a lot of time. It would be great to have a dialogue box pop up where defaults can be changed.

Civil Expression Support for Links / Nodes

Add support for attaching station /offset for Links and Nodes "Set Out" points on. Currently Nodes only report the origin of the cell - which there is a bug in 10.11 version, but we need to also get the center point for eccentric structures. Start...
over 1 year ago in Drainage and Utilities 2 Planned

Make editing catchment areas more user friendly

When you initially create a drainage area from a shape, it creates 'smart' vertices that you can grab and move with the cursor. However, after the initial catchment shape is created, the only way to add additional vertices is using the "Insert Ver...

Add Offset Format options to the Baseline Offset Text Favorite

Add the Offset Format options that are available for the Point Offset text favorite (Positive Prefix, Negative Prefix, Positive Suffix, Negative Suffix, and Show Sign) to the Drainage Baseline Offset text favorite.