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Please fix the Standards in OpenRoads Designer Connect Edition to not copy to the individual dgn files in the project.

On very large projects with hundreds of people working on the project and you need to change a standard you should not have to go thru all of the dgns in the project to update or purge old standards. Most of the time the standards evolve as the pr...

Add ability to update Element Templates that are already tied to Feature Symbologies

If you have Element Templates (ET) separate from your Feature Definitions / Feature Symbologies, ORD will make a local copy of an ET if it is used in a Feature Symbology. If that ET is updated, you must delete the ET and copy in the updated versio...
about 1 year ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Workspace 0 Already exists

new variable for Drawing Seed lists

When using drawing seeds to define named boundary limits, all of the drawing seeds available from the variable MS_DGNLIBLISTDRAWINGSEEDS are listed. This would include both the Plan version and the Profile version of a Plan&Profile sheet. This...
over 1 year ago in Workspace 1 Already exists