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Need International Foot Seed Files in Workspace

The standard design file units loadout for al l OpenRoads and OpenRail products appears to be US Survey Ft. I would recommend adding an international ft. option to all seed files to match the current sunsetting of the US Survey Ft. in 2022.
almost 2 years ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Workspace 2 Planned

Add the ability to open OBD & OBM files without a WorkSpace/WorkSet.

Request: I would like to ask that the ability to open OBD & OBM files without a WorkSpace/WorkSet be allowed. ORD has this ability, OBD/OBM should too. Reason: Being able to open a file, especially a .dgnlib, without a WorkSpace/WorkSet is ver...
9 months ago in Workspace 0 Planned