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Have LandXML export support b-spline curves as a geometry type

This would benefit users who are trying to export their geometry using LandXML as the export format. Currently, bspline curves in an alignment are not supported by LandXML export and have to be manipulated to export the geometry.
almost 2 years ago in Import/Export / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Will not implement

Allow us to define seed files when using Feature Remapper

When files are upgraded from SS10 to ORD, it's important that we use the client's ORD seed file. I would be nice if the remapper would allow us to select an ORD seed file to use when upgrading ss10 dgn's instead of upgraded dgn's being based on th...
almost 2 years ago in Import/Export 0 Will not implement