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OpenBridge Designer

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Add IFC mapping options to elements

The possibility to choose how your objects will be exported to ifc: at the moment everything exports as ifcBuildingElementProxy class, MeshElement type.Example: assign surface templates (pavements) to export as ifcSlab; a retaining wall as ifcWall...

Integrate ESRI ArcGIS geodatabase natively

There is a ton of information stored in GIS. Having the ability to natively and easily view Maps/Layers within a DGN File would be hugely beneficial.

Model Camber on Concrete Beams

Currently concrete beam tops are drawn straight across along the length of the beams. Allow the users to specify a camber value at middle and draw the beams curved.
almost 2 years ago in Modeling / OpenBridge Designer / OpenBridge Modeler 2 Shipped

Don't load nested references when nesting is disabled

When a reference is loaded, all its nested attachments are loaded as well. This takes a lot of time, while the nested attachments are not used. Loading nested attachments based on the nesting number would greatly speed up the opening of files

Ability to Export Shape (.shp) Files

We need the ability to Export Shape (.shp) Files.