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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 8, 2023

Restore tool Delete Triangle by Line - Edit Terrain - back to its original function of not being able to cross breaklines or add a dialog box for the option.

In SS4 on up to ORD 10.10.2, you could not delete a triangle on the interior side of a breakline. When a line was drawn, all triangles would be deleted until it got to the breakline. In ORD 10.12, it blows through the breakline and will delete interior terrain traingles. Maybe add of dialog box that you can check on and off for this feature?

Civil Product Used OpenSite Designer, OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer
  • Guest
    Sep 18, 2023

    Happy with the new functionality, but agree a dialog box with this option (activated when the delete by line command is active) is needed to give users control over this behavior.