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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 21, 2023

Equilateral turnouts as a separate element with its own geometry for both main and deviating track

Currently, in order to create en equilateral turnout, one needs to recreate one of the branches (with exact geometry) and then add the branch part. This process has a lot of inconsistencies and sometimes results in unexpected geometries ( transition curves instead of circular curves through the turnout). Furthermore, one must adjust point .1 all the time in order to get approximately right geometries.

My suggestion is to treat an equiltateral turnout as a self-standing element (similar to double slip switches), in other words as a turnout that contains both main and deviating track. This switch should be able to be added exactly after the end of a linear element (similar to the logic behind creating elements from elements). Alternatively one should be able to place a turnout along a straight element and the process trims the part of the straight section located exactly after .1. This will save time and will make placement of equilateral turnouts more efficient.

Civil Product Used OpenRail Designer