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Stacked Cross Section easier workflow

Create a better workflow for stacked cross sections. No need for complex seeds and dgnlibs. Just choose if we want to stack everything in a drawing model or in a sheet, how many rows and columns and hit enter.Maybe define the offsets and get a pre...
5 months ago in Drawing Production / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 1 Future consideration

Ability to append, join, or combine individual alignments and have it hold the sub alignment stationing, which would create station equations

In Geopak, we had the ability to take individual alignments and create an overall alignment from a subset of alignments and it would hold the individual stationing for each alignment, creating station equations. There is no way to do this in ORD u...
9 months ago in Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 3 Future consideration

Ability to create XS from Line String (more than 2 points)

Add ability to create XS by selecting multiple Line String containing more than 2 points.
over 1 year ago in Drawing Production / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer 0 Future consideration

Add Process Button to "Corridor Objects" Dialog

It would be helpful to have a process corridor button in the corridor objects dialog. That way a user could remove rules, make edits to templates, point controls and parametric constraints then turn the rules back on and reprocess.
over 1 year ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / User Interface 1 Future consideration

Ability to Delete specific Annotation group instance instead of all instances

Currently users need to remove all annotation per drawing or in all drawings with no control. An additional "Delete Drawing Annotation" with the same options as the annotate drawings one but with an additional "All Drawing Annotation Groups" optio...
over 1 year ago in Annotation / Drawing Production / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer 1 Future consideration

Combining Properties Menus

It would be super helpful if I didn't have to search two different property menus for where to change specific properties. If the general properties menu and the ORD DU properties menu could be more centralized into one properties menu, this would...
3 months ago in Drainage and Utilities / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / User Interface 1 Future consideration

Add option to HorizontalAlignmentCheckIntegrity.xsl report to ignore angular differences for PIs with no curves.

In the InRoads Check Integrity command, the command would report "OK" for any PIs that did not have curves. We would like the ORD check integrity reports to not report issues at a PI if there are no curves present.
10 months ago in OpenRoads Designer / Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow for custom line styles to be synced with "update from dgn lib"

When a custom line style is updated in the workspace, it does not update existing files that have used the previous line style (of the same name). The only workaround is to: Manually delete all of the line styles you want to update Remove the defi...
over 1 year ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Workspace 0 Future consideration

Add "Set Feature Definition" Tool to the Feature Definition Tool Bar

The "Set Feature Definition" Tool should be added to the Feature Definition Tool Bar rather than having to go digging around to find it. It coincides with "Match Feature Definition" which is already part of the tool bar.
about 1 year ago in Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / User Interface 2 Future consideration

Ability to have corridor/linear template pivot at end of alignment

Currently when developing a object that is at a skew, whether it be a road, bridge, culvert, or other detail modeling. If the start/end of the object is at a skew compared to the alignment that it is attached to, it is difficult to model. The user...
about 2 months ago in Modeling / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration