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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 26, 2024


I believe that LEAP isn't accurately calculating the LLDF for LFD. It appears to currently compute the LLDF for moment and shear correctly, but it doesn't appear to calculate the LLDF for reactions at all. If it were calculating the LLDF for reactions I would expect that LLDF to be shown next to the other LLDF in the Properties Output.

When looking at the Shear and Moment Envelope Table inside of the Shear/Moment Envelope (&Reactions) Output I would expect that the LL + I shear value at the Bearings would be based upon the LLDF for reactions rather than the standard LLDF for shear.

This increase in shear load due to the LLDF for reactions being used would also be used for the transverse/shear/stirrup reinforcement design.

Currently LEAP could be underestimating the reaction and shear at the bearing by 20% or more.

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