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Status Planned
Created by Guest
Created on May 17, 2024

Enhancement to Auto Update Field Codes on Point Features when Field Code on Linear Feature is Updated

If a user changes a linear feature code, the expectation would be to also see the feature codes on the points that make up that linear feature change accordingly (if the linear feature was dependent on these points features and the appropriate linking codes).

For Example, If there is a Linear Feature having field code BE and we change linear feature field code from BE to RD by selecting the linear feature and changing this under the Properties >> Linear Feature >> Field Code >> BE to RD. The linear feature gets updated. However, the points that make up this linear feature did not change to RD points. They will still BE point features.

If the user is allowed to change this Field Code at the linear feature level, the point features should also update due to the dependency. This specific linear feature would not exist without these point features and the appropriate linking codes.

Civil Product Used OpenSite Designer, OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer