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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 15, 2023

Improve and simplify the named boundary drawing/sheet seed creation workflow

The way it is now, It's just too complex to create and custum the seeds for each client. Too many files, too many things to control and in too many folders/.cgf.

You have to create many seeds with different specifics for each sheet size/scale/plans/... Very laboring, time consuming and way too complex..

Oh, and you want to edit the details drawing boundary seeds? Good luck. They are in a completly different file/path from the civil named boundarys, under DrawComp and not insite the dgnlib Sheet Seeds Folder with the rest.

But not just that, the default cfg only looks for the DrawComp folder on your system level, for whatever reason. If you want it to be on the workspace/workset level, you need to change some cfg.

Surerly something someone starting in Openroads can deal with.. Specially with no easy help document/video demonstrating.

And these DrawComp Seeds are not something easy to create. Not for startes at least (I`m am a heavy Civil3D user migrating to Openroads).

All of this should be similar to an options check workflow:

  1. Selec type of named boundary (plan, XS, ..).

  2. Chosse from a list of possible sheets compositions (One file with only sheets models and all your draqing boundarys disposition setup for each, no saved view or named boundarys).

    1. Here you would chosse the scales, dependent to the sheets drawing boundary selected

    2. A preview of the sheet would e really nice

    3. Drawing Boundarys in the same model would also be available

  3. You chosse your titleblock/sheet border (one .cel file has samples title blocks and sheet bordes, this could be a two path cfg search, workspace/workest level, so if its a client/project specif, you just add to this cel file)

    1. Easy way to comply to clients

    2. Could exist an option to swap the titleblocks/sheetbordes later on

  4. For last, chosse the drawing seeds, if you want to agregatte/stack everything in one model or create separete files for each drawing/sheet pair, ...

    1. Important part here, is that every option from the item above should be check or no option, and not several named boundary/views created in a seed dgnlib model...

    2. This options could be saved as an xml or something similar for default purposes.

  5. And there should be a possibility to config on the run too, so in cases you dont have anything setup, you could still get things done. How it is now, if you dont have the seeds, you just cant move foward.

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