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OpenRoads ConceptStation

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Request for Additional Pavement Striping Options in ConceptStation

This is a request for more pavement striping options to be available for placement in ConceptStation. For example, yield line under Linear Marking tool.
20 days ago in OpenRoads ConceptStation 0 Future consideration

Exporting Field Book with Observational Data

I process survey data for the Maine Department of Transportation. We have been transitioning from InRoads to OpenRoads for about a year now and are currently using OpenRoads Designer 2023. Myself and others in the Department are seeing frequent co...
24 days ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads ConceptStation / OpenSite Designer / Survey 1 Needs review

Inclusion of Pavement Striping in ConceptStation Quantities and Cost Configuration

The Quantities and Cost Configuration in ConceptStation currently only includes Street Markings (turn arrows/symbols). Even if Linear Markings (edge/centerlines and guidance striping) or Transverse Markings (crosswalks/stop bars) are present in th...
8 months ago in OpenRoads ConceptStation 0 Planned

Ability to Transfer Full ConceptStation Models Between ConceptStation Files

If you have developed a complex ConceptStation model (including intersections, bridges, culverts, roundabouts, template transitions, street furniture, pavement markings, etc.), there is currently no capability to fully transfer the entire model be...
6 months ago in Import/Export / OpenRoads ConceptStation 0 Future consideration

Ability to Attach Non-Georeferenced Raster Imagery in ConceptStation

In OpenRoads Designer, the user is able to interactively attach a reference file containing a raster image and move the file freely within the model space once attached. Currently, only georeferenced raster imagery can be imported into ConceptStat...
8 months ago in OpenRoads ConceptStation 0 Planned

Ability to change slope of gutter component

Would like to add ability to where we can change the slope of gutter components
9 months ago in OpenRoads ConceptStation 0 Planned

Ability to View Alignment Stationing in Plan View in ConceptStation

I am requesting an enhancement to allow the user to view alignment stationing in plan view in ConceptStation. Currently, alignment stationing can only be viewed from the profile model. This would be helpful when adding PI points or modifying horiz...
6 months ago in Geometry / OpenRoads ConceptStation 0 Future consideration

Tool Names need to be consistent

Tool names need to be consistent everywhere. If you go to the tool called "Direction", the tool that opens up looks to have a name of "Change Curve Direction" as the title. if you open to tool called "Coordinate System", the title of the dialog th...

Better integration between ConceptStation and OpenRoads

Why is the export back to ALG and DTM those are both deprecated features in SS10 prodoucts. Why can't it create a alignment and profile that can be read by OpenRoads. Why can't I import in my client ITL file
2 months ago in Import/Export / OpenRail ConceptStation / OpenRoads ConceptStation 0 Future consideration