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OpenRoads Designer Keyin List

MicroStation has provided the Keyin list. Can bentley provide OpenRoads Designer a keyin list to the user? such as geometry subsitute, GEOMETRY DYNAMICSECTION DELETEDXSVIEWS, and etc.

We need a SINGLE LIST of configuration variables that can be filtered by ALL products and generation

It would be nice if there was a single list of configuration variables so that we don't have to hunt in different product Help documents (microstation vs openroads) to find details of how they are used. Furthermore there seems to be a lot of confi...

Publish a complete list of version numbers

Users who can't access the Software Downloads page cannot see the combined version/release numbers of available software packages. They can only see the release numbers on the product documentation pages, but cannot see the associated version numb...
about 1 year ago in Help and Documentation / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 1 Future consideration

Formulas for Rail Information included in Help Documentation

The formulas utilized in OpenRail are not properly documented within the Help Information. Several Examples include CANT. The Equilibrium Constant gives no useful information in the help documentation for understanding WHAT THIS VALUE IS. As a des...
about 1 year ago in Help and Documentation / OpenRail Designer 0 Future consideration

Bentley Chatbot

With the growing influence of AI and individual chat bots, I think it would be a great idea to make a "Bentley Chatbot" that could help user with tasks such as writing style sheet reports, making scrips, setting up Item type expressions, help with...
8 months ago in Help and Documentation 0 Needs review